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Top Ten Reasons To Buy Used Musical Instruments

1. As wood ages the tone of the instrument becomes better.
2. No trees are harvested when a used musical instrument changes hands.
3. You can own and preserve a piece of music history.
4. Buying used musical instruments is usually a better bargain.
5. A quality vintage musical instrument is a good investment.
6. Vintage instruments were produced by skilled craftsmen.
7. Early instrument production methods were better.
8. Quality raw materials were more abundant.
9. Vintage drums have a warm, melodic tone.
10. Visual or stage appeal » "The Cool Factor".

Buying pre-owned or used musical instruments is a great way to help save the planet. Purchasing a used musical instrument keeps it from ending up in a landfill and not only helps save the planet, it can help save you money.

Buying used instruments will keep them from ending up in a landfill, it helps save the planet and saves you money.

So you see, you can find almost any kind of quality name-brand musical instruments and musical equipment that are for sale pre-owned. has offered a venue for musicians to buy musical instruments and to sell musical instruments online since March, 1997. Whether the musical instruments are used, or vintage, you can more-than-likely find it here.

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