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    PA System : used bose pa systems for sale, pa systems including portable pa system complete with with dj systems and wireless kustom profile portable pa system. Wireless pa systems available in portable pa systems like the bose l1 compact pa system.The kustom pw50 personal pa system is popular due to compact designa and light weight. Bose pa system, boss powerd moniter pa systems are a good buy for easy to use pa systems. The jbl eon210p portable pa system are for sale to musicians, dj and any other portable sudio use. Use the graphic equalizer on you pa system to eliminate feedback and boost frequencies for your mp3 player. Many companies offer a 6 channel portable pa system with a replaceable mixer for growth. A compact pa system often has feedback problems on the loudest setttings of the portable pa sound system. The parts of a pa system include the mixer, power amp and speakers. The peavey messenger portable briefcase pa system is a great example of the compact pa with big sounds. The pyle pro padh212 pa system, harbinger ha120 portable pa system and manual kustom profile 2 300 watt pa system with roller bag are fine examples of how far the live sound system has come over the years. If you need information on pignose lil pa system, squier combo 4 portable pa system package, all in one pa systems, pa systems packages, premier acoustic pa system, portable pyle 8 channel 300w pa system, powered mixers, amplifiers for portable pa systems or even a football stadium pa system you can go to any of the pro audio manufacurers websites for information and specifications.
  1. 360 Systems - Professional digital audio products for radio and TV broadcast, including recorders, players, editors, and routing switchers.
  2. Acutron Electroacustica Lda. - manufacturer of broadcast audio equipment plus automation and remote control gear for networks.
  3. AdB International - manufacturer of professional digital audio products including interfaces for direct digital transfer and pro audio sampling.
  4. ADS - manufacturer of professional sound equipment.
  5. Akai Professional
  6. AKG Acoustics - manufacturer of microphones, headphones, PA systems, wireless, and other products.
  7. Alesis
  8. Allen & Heath - professional mixers and mix processors.
  9. Amek - manufacturer of audio mixing consoles.
  10. AmpliVox - offering a complete line of professional, portable sound systems.
  11. AMS Neve - mixers and mixing consoles for broadcast and music recording; other products for film and video post-production and live theater.
  12. Aphex Systems, Ltd. - products include the Aural Exciter, Tubessence thermionic mic preamplifiers, Easyrider, Expressor and Compellor compressors and DominatorII peak limiters.
  13. Api Audio Products, Inc. - manufactures professional discrete recording products, including mic-preamps, equalizers, noise gates, de-ssers, compressors, filters, line amps and all discrete recording consoles.
  14. Arx Systems - manufacturers of professional audio equipment, specializing in signal processing products, speaker systems, installation essentials, and amplifiers.
  15. Ashly Audio, Inc. - manufacturer of audio electronics including power amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, mixers, and accessories.
  16. AtlasSound - manufacturers communications products for the broadcast, industrial, security, custom installation, and music markets.
  17. Audigo - manufacturer of high end near field monitoring systems using rear mounted surround technology.
  18. Audio-Technica - microphones and wireless systems.
  19. Audiomatica - manufacturing of electronic equipment for the audio, acoustics and computer fields.
  20. Audioplex Technology - manufacturer of products for whole house audio.
  21. Aura Systems, Inc.
  22. Behringer - manufactures the Eurodesk and Eurorack mixers, Ultragain and Powerplay amplifiers, processors, microphones and more.
  23. BEL Digital Audio - makers of audio delay, shuffler, video, and profanity equipment for the broadcast industry.
  24. Benchmark Media Systems, Inc - manufacturer of both analog and digital professional audio equipment used in the broadcasting and recording industries.
  25. BGW Pro Audio - manufactures audio power amplifiers, powered subwoofer systems, and accessories.
  26. Biamp Systems - commercial audio equipment designed for fixed installation and audio/video systems integration.
  27. Blue Circle Audio Inc. - designs and manufactures reference quality, hand-made audio components and accessories.
  28. Bose Corporation
  29. Bryston Limited Company - professional and consumer high-end audio equipment
  30. Cabin Pro Sound Systems - manufacturer and exporter of amplifiers, wireless microphones, speaker systems, and broadcasting equipment.
  31. Calrec Audio - specialist producers of analogue and digital audio mixing systems.
  32. Circuit Research Labs, Inc. - develops, manufactures and markets audio processing and transmission encoding equipment.
  33. Citronic Professional Audio - manufacturers of professional mixers, amplifiers, and signal processing equipment.
  34. Clear-Com Intercom Systems - providing systems for use in broadcasting, theatre, sports arenas, aerospace and military facilities.
  35. CM AUTOmation - designs and manufactures professional audio control equipment.
  36. Collier Electronics - describes Collier's method of impedance simulation, explaining parametric equalization and how common acoustical phenomena prompted development of parametric equalizers.
  37. Coomber Electronics - sells specialised audio equipment for education.
  38. Cooper Sound Systems, Inc. - manufacturer of on location sound mixers for the film, video and pro-audio industry.
  39. Crane Song, LTD - manufacturers of high end analog and digital audio signal processors.
  40. CreamWare - includes information on digital audio and sound creation.
  41. Crest Audio - manufactures amplifiers, mixing consoles, and NexSys (computer controlled audio system).
  42. Crosstech Audio Inc. - manufacturing and design of high power passive crossover networks.
  43. Crown International, Inc - a manufacturer of professional audio products, FM transmitters, and gradient power amplifiers for research, industrial and medical applications.
  44. Curcio Audio Engineering - provides high quality tube audio component kits
  45. D&R Electronica - manufacturing and designing audio mixing consoles.
  46. D.W. Fearn & Associates - manufactures hand-crafted professional audio equipment for recording studios. Our major products are vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers.
  47. Dansk P.A. Center - professional loudspeaker systems for touring or personal use.
  48. dB Technologies - manufacturer of digital to analog and analog to digital audio converters.
  49. dbx Professional Products - signal processing products.
  50. Digidesign@
  51. Digital Audio Company (DAC) - principal supplier of audio enhancement technology to law enforcement and security agencies worldwide. Division of Digital Recorders, Inc.
  52. DSP Media - designs and distributes production and post-production tools for television, film, and radio facilities.
  53. Earthworks, Inc - manufacturers microphones and preamps for recording, broadcast, live sound, and measurement.
  54. Eastern Acoustic Works - designs and manufactures loudspeaker systems, including integrated signal processing.
  55. Ecler - manufacturer and distributor of professional audio equipment including amplifiers, audio mixers, and loudspeakers.
  56. Edcor Electronics - manufacturer of mixers, amplifiers, headphone amps, and audio transformers.
  57. Enco Systems Inc. - sellers and designers of DADpro32, a digital audio automation system for broadcasting.
  58. Encore Electronics - designs and sells retrofits for analog synthesizers, MIDI to CV converters, and hardware controllers.
  59. ETC Professional Sound System
  60. Euphonix - develops networked digital audio systems for music, film, and television post-production, broadcast, sound reinforcement, and multimedia applications.
  61. Event Electronics Inc. - manufacturer and distributor of professional audio products.
  62. Fairlight - digital audio products for post production, broadcast, music recording and multimedia.
  63. Fender Audio - makers of speakers, subwoofers, mixers, and the portable Passport Sound System
  64. Fidelipac - makes tape cartridges used for broadcasting and backround music and analog and digital studio equipment.
  65. FMR Audio - home of the Really Nice Compressor (RNC).
  66. Fostex
  67. Future Sonics, Inc. - makers of Ear Monitors, professional "at the ear" listening devices for the stage and the entertainment industry. For live concert sound reinforcement, as well as hearing protection.
  68. G Prime Limited - professional audio equipment for the music recording, broadcast, television and motion picture industries.
  69. Gemini Sound, Inc. - providing sound reinforcement products and services.
  70. Graham Engineering Inc - manufacturer of precision unipivot tonearms.
  71. Great River Electronics - designs and makes professional audio equipment, including preamps and mixers; industrial control systems; and DSP-based signal conditioning equipment.
  72. Gretch-Ken Industries - manufacturers of sound isolation booths and acoustic products.
  73. Guangzhou Tanpok Electronic Factory - maker of hi-fi amplifier and home theater products.
  74. Harman International
  75. Harrison by GLW - designs, manufactures, and supports professional audio mixing consoles for the film, video, post-production, broadcast, live sound reinforcement, and music recording industries.
  76. Hes Electronics - manufacturer of broadcast equipment, intercom systems, telephone broadcast systems, audio modules, and VGA broadcast display systems.
  77. Infinity Systems - official site, manufacturer of high-performance speakers for home audio, home theater, and car audio applications.
  78. Intelix - offers professional audio and media equipment, mic/line and automatic mixers, zoned-paging matrix systems, and remote studio monitor mixers.
  79. IRP Professional Sound Products
  80. Ivie Technologies - professional audio instrumentation, real time analyzers and pink/white noise sources. Also computer controlled matrix mixers and equalizers.
  81. J.W. Davis & Company - manufacturer and distributor of commercial audio products.
  82. JBL Professional - speakers and monitors for recording, music production, cinema and other professional uses.
  83. JLCooper Electronics - makers of synchronizers, mixing automation systems, and MIDI and computer peripherals.
  84. Joemeek - compressors, microphone preamplifiers, and eq's for direct tracking
  85. Johnston Resources - OEM supplier of cabinets for audio speakers.
  86. K&K Sound Systems, Inc. - manufacturer of transducers and microphones for musical instruments.
  87. Kenton Electronics - makers of controllers, MIDI to CV converters, retro-fits, interfaces, and more.
  88. KeyCreek Technologies LLC - developer of audio signal processing algorithms to decompose recorded music into its constituent sounds and pitches.
  89. Keyfax - makers of Twiddly Bits series of files and samples, and the Phat Boy MIDI controller.
  90. Klark Teknik - signal processing audio equipment.
  91. Kudelski Group - parent company of Nagra audio products for motion pictures, broadcast news, and post-production studios.
  92. L C Audio Technology - developer and distributor of high end audio products, clock amplifier kits, preamplifiers, and audio cables.
  93. LA Audio - supplies compressors, limiters, noise gates, mixers, digital signal processors, di boxes, mic splitters, and pre-amps.
  94. Larry McGee Company - designs and manufactures industrial voice communications and control systems, including intercoms, consoles, radio monitor and PA systems, and radio testers.
  95. Lax Sonic Solution - manufactures power amps, equalizers, electronic crossovers, microphone systems, and speakers.
  96. Lucid Technology - manufacturer of digital/analog converters.
  97. Lundahl Transformers - Manufacturer of transformers for audio and tube amplifiers.
  98. Machina Dynamica - specialists in audio component isolation and vibration control.
  99. Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc. - designs and manufactures solid state digital audio, video, and text messaging equipment.
  100. Mackie Designs, Inc. - develops, manufactures, sells and supports professional audio equipment.
  101. Manley Laboratories, Inc.
  102. Marchand Electronics, Inc. - manufactures high quality audio equipment including electronic crossover networks, both solid state and vacuum tube, and modular audio amplifiers.
  103. Martin - producer of intelligent lighting, speaker systems, and smoke machines for theater, TV, clubs, and architectural and retail settings.
  104. Maycom - Digicorder, a digital, portable, tapeless audio recorder.
  105. mbl - manufacturer of high-end audio speakers, electronics and other accessories.
  106. McCauley Sound - research, development and manufacture of world class professional louspeakers, components, and loudspeaker enclosure systems.
  107. Meridian Audio Group - high-end digital and analog audio and home theater equipment
  108. Meyer Sound - manufacturer of high-end audio equipment for the sound reinforcement and recording industries.
  109. Miller & Kreisel (M&K) Sound Corporation - manufactures consumer and professional audio systems.
  110. Minami Audio Equipment - manufactures mylar speakers, earphones, headphones, and electric condenser microphones.
  111. Musicam USA - manufacturer of digital audio codecs and digital products for the telecommunications, satellite, and professional audio industries.
  112. Mutronics Ltd - maker of the Mutator, a stereo analogue filter and envelope follower with full control facilities.
  113. Mytek Digital - Manufactures professional audio equipment. We make 20 bit A/D converters, digital meters, PrivateQ multichannel headphone system etc.
  114. Nagra USA, Inc. - parent company of Nagra audio products for motion pictures, broadcast news, and post-production studios.
  115. Naim Audio - Site displays the range of high quality hi-fi electronics and loudspeakers manufactured by this British company.
  116. Nirvana Audio - Ultra-Fi audio cable assemblies.
  117. Norcon Communications Inc. - manufacturers of Talk Thru transaction intercom systems for ticket booths and detention facilities and other applications requiring communication through partitions.
  118. Northstar Leading the Way, Inc. - preamps, digital equipment and speakers.
  119. Oram Professional Audio
  120. Otari Corporation - manufacturer of analog and digital recorders, cutting edge mixing consoles, and high speed industrial audio and video cassette loading and duplication systems.
  121. Pass Labs - manufacturer of high-end audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, including the Aleph series.
  122. Pendulum Audio, Inc. - specializes in hand-built vacuum tube recording equipment and electronics designed for amplifying stringed instruments.
  123. Phi Technologies - designs and manufactures specialized audio recording equipment. Tape recorders and solid state recorders.
  124. Polar Focus - manufactures professional rigging for use in sound, lighting, and stage applications.
  125. Precision Analog Systems
  126. PreSonus Audio - manufacturer of audio compressors, limiters, gates, noise gates and automation systems.
  127. Prism Sound - manufacturers of instruments for recording, mastering, and broadcast applications.
  128. Professional Sound Corporation - professional sound community with accessories for location sound recording.
  129. Professional Sound System (PSS) - French manufacturer of power amplifiers.
  130. PS Audio - manufacturers of home audio products including preamplifiers, power amplifiers, CD players, and more.
  131. Quadra Technic ICS - designs and supplies professional audio, video, lighting, voting, and conference systems.
  132. Qualitone Industries Inc.
  133. Quantum Technologies, Inc. - manufacturing audio gear.
  134. Quicksilver Audio - manufacturer of vacuum tube amplifiers and preamplifiers.
  135. Rami - manufacturer of professionnal audio and video devices.
  136. Rane Corporation - professional audio products: equalizers, crossovers, amplifiers and audio tools including literature.
  137. Rat Sound Systems - builds and sells professional touring equipment.
  138. Raven Labs - offers professional outboard gear for musicians and engineers including DI's, preamps, equalizers, and effects.
  139. Renkus-Heinz - manufactures loudspeakers, amplifiers, speaker controllers, complete sound systems, woofers, compression drivers, and acoustic simulation software.
  140. RMS Audio - manufacturer mixers, amplifiers, speakers, audio snakes, microphones and other products.
  141. Rockford Corporation - designs, manufactures and distributes audio systems for the car, professional and home theater audio markets.
  142. Rolls Corporation - makers of RFX and Bellari lines of audio signal processors, preamps, mixers, amplifiers, signal sources, and interface accessories.
  143. RTZ Audio - professional recording microphone preamplifiers and Ampex studio recorder upgrades.
  144. Sabine, Inc - adaptive audio products including feedback exterminators, instrument tuners, metronomes, phrase trainers, and other accessories.
  145. Samson Technologies Corporation - manufacturer of wireless & audio products. Distributor of Hartke bass systems, ZOOM signal processors, Behringer mixers and signal processors.
  146. Sequerra Associates, Ltd.
  147. Sescom - manufacturer of audio transformers, signal processing and interfacing accessories. Aluminum enclosures and custom punching for small production/prototypes available.
  148. Sherman Productions - makers of the Sherman Filterbank analog filtering and distortion unit.
  149. Shs Audio Inc. - a manufacturer of US made sound re-inforcement products for the working musician. Includes a classified equipment board, jobboard and a BBS.
  150. Signal Transport - manufacturer of data, video, and audio integration products and systems.
  151. Sintefex Audio - providing research and products in surround sound, novel effects synthesis, and audio processing.
  152. Smart Devices, Inc - cinema sound equipment manufacturer for professional movie theater equipment.
  153. SOH Eletronics - manufacturer and exporter of microphones, amplifiers, speakers, home threater, antennas, and cables. Accepts OEM.
  154. Solid State Logic - mixers and other pro audio hardware.
  155. Sonance - products for home theater, multi-room audio, and other unique audio/video applications for your home or business.
  156. Sonic Frontiers Inc. - high-end vacuum tube and solid-state audio equipment (Sonic Frontiers and Anthem) and parts (The Parts Connection)
  157. Sonic Science - develops products for the post production industry including sound retrieval system, Sonic Search, and CD Audio and CD-ROM sound effects and production music.
  158. Sonic Solutions - develops, markets and supports workstations used by professionals to edit and process digital audio and digital video information.
  159. Sonics Associates, Inc. - designs, installs, and maintains sound systems and components for IMAX theaters, theme parks, and various large capacity facilities.
  160. Sonorus, Inc. - dedicated to new ideas and capabilities for digital audio, networked media, and internet services.
  161. Sound Construction & Supply - manufactures custom consoles and accessories for recording gear.
  162. Sound Devices, LLC - maker of products for radio, television, and film production applications.
  163. Sound Performance Lab - manufacture outboard gear such as de-essers, vitalizers and more.
  164. Sound Valves - Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers & Amps
  165. Sound-Craft Systems, Inc. - makers of loudspeaker lecterns.
  166. Soundcraft - manufacturer of professional audio mixing consoles.
  167. - modular acoustic enclosures and vocal booths, professional studios, practice rooms, and home recording.
  168. Soundstage - dealer for high-end home audio products. Classsifieds, comments, and manufacturers' catalogs.
  169. Spatializer Audio Laboratories - 3-D audio, 3-D stereo, surround sound from only 2 speakers, and virtual reality audio technologies for OEMs, consumer electronics, and pro audio markets.
  170. Speck Electronics - manufactures mixers, equalizers and other professional audio products.
  171. Spirit By Soundcraft - digital and analog mixers and mixing consoles.
  172. Sprocket Development - Audio Manufacturers sharing technology. Walk down Digital Audio 'Memory Lane'. Updates/Demos for Apogee, Avid, Digidesign, Lexicon, SonicSolutions, Studer. Tell us your technical problems.
  173. Stage Accompany - manufacturer of professional sound systems incorporating the Ribbon Compact Driver.
  174. Starr Labs - ztar MIDI guitar controllers and music electronics.
  175. Stevens & Billington Ltd - manufacturers of quality audio transformers in the UK.
  176. Stop and Listen Inc. - designs and manufactures digital and analog audio products for the exhibit, museum, and display design industries.
  177. Stranger Audio - exports amplifiers, speakers, speaker systems, microphones, audio mixers, power supply, and musical effect units.
  178. Studiomaster - manufacturers of Pro Audio gear: mixers, recording and live, amplifiers, disco gear.
  179. Tannoy - manufacturers of sound reinforcement equipment, studio monitoring systems and consumer audio products.
  180. Tascam - analog and digital multi-track recorders, modular hard-disk recorders, etc.
  181. Telex Professional Sound & Entertainment - product line includes wired and wireless professional intercom systems and microphones, wireless video systems and audio cassette duplicators.
  182. Telex, Inc.
  183. Telos Systems - makes products to transmit high quality audio over the dial-up telephone network. Zephyr offers near CD quality over a single ISDN line.
  184. Thor Audio - manufacturer of all-tube audio equipment.
  185. Timewave Technology Inc. - manufacturers DSP based audio filters for use in communications.
  186. TL Audio - makers of valve signal processing equipment including compressors, equalizers, mixers, amplifiers, and more.
  187. TOA Electronics, Inc. - manufacturer of commercial and professional sound equipment.
  188. Top Audio - manufacturer and exporter of audio equipment, tuners, CD players, and more.
  189. Trident Audio - recording/mixing consoles and automation systems for music, broadcast, video and film.
  190. Trilogy Broadcast Ltd. - manufacturer of intercom systems, signal monitors, and sync pulse generators for television and radio.
  191. Universal Audio - dedicated to authentic reproductions of vintage Urei and Teletronix analog processors.
  192. Uptown Automation Systems, Inc - manufacturers of high performance moving fader automation systems for professional audio mixing and re-recording.
  193. Vinal Audio - manufacturer and exporter of speakers, power amplifiers, karaoke systems, and home theatre equipment.
  194. Wenzhou Hogngxin Co. - magnetic tape heads.
  195. Whitaker Partners, Ltd. - manufactures speakers, stands, and racks for Hoss Power Audio Systems.
  196. Wujin Gold Electronic Co., Ltd. - producing audio and video parts, coaxial cables, and more.
  197. Z-Man Corporation - offers a product to improve the audio signal and sound output from digital sources.
  198. Zaxcom - makers of Deva portable digitial audio recorders and TBC control systems.
  199. Zeck Audio - German manufacturer of speaker cabinets, microphones amplifiers, wireless systems and cables.
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