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About Us

About Us 

Musicians Buy Line was established as an Online Seller of used Musical Instruments in March, 1997. After almost 20 years on the internet is averaging more than 35,000+ musicians searching for good used musical instruments per day.

We are constantly developing new ways to promote and position our used music gear site in the major search engines in order to achieve higher visit numbers. Our staff members continue to study the activities of the major search engines and what it takes to get in the top 30 search results when searched for on relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

We don't just put on the internet and hope musicians can find us. We aggressively market this web site daily.

MBL staff experience includes music, retail and wholesale music business, music products, music performance, html programming, cgi & java scripting, graphics design, marketing (on line and off), and search engine optimization.

Advertising with MBL is like handing out your brochure on every street corner in the world and like having your musical instruments, music equipment or music business in a high traffic Music Mall that is open 24/7.

Musicians Buy Line targets serious musicians world wide. Most of the people coming to our musical want ads web site are looking to buy or sell music equipment or instruments.

Serious musicians, music business professionals and beginners come to Musicians Buy Line. They are seriously looking to buy musical instruments and equipment.

MBL is updated daily and we are constantly adding new and informative content so people will return to Musicians Buy Line often.

Our classified ads are more effective and less expensive than most newspaper ads.

No One Knows More About Selling Used Musical Instruments! ...No One!

Thanks for your interest!