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  1. Alembic, Inc. - Fine handcrafted basses and guitars
  2. Alvarez Guitars - Acoustic Guitars and Accessories
  3. Andreas Guitars - designs electric guitars and basses.
  4. Arpeggio Korina Guitars - custom guitar makers, restorers, and retailers.
  5. Art Guitars - offers art-quality electric guitars and amplifiers made by Phil Sylvester.
  6. Axtra Custom Guitars Inc. - American made custom guitars and bass guitars.
  7. B. Hefner Co. - makers of custom Edenhaus guitars and basses, and Fender guitar parts.
  8. B.C. Rich Guitars - makers of custom and consumer guitars and basses.
  9. Bacorn Custom Guitars and Mandolins - luthier Roger Bacorn builds reproductions of archtop guitars and mandolins, as well as other custom acoustic and electric instruments.
  10. Benedict Guitars - electric and acoustic electric guitars and bass guitars, custom made.
  11. Bunker Guitars
  12. Callaham Guitars - makers of handmade vintage reproduction electric guitars from the 50's and 60's; and hand-built hand-wired tube amplifiers.
  13. Carmel Music Co. - manufacture, sales, and repair of custom and vintage acoustic guitars and mandolins.
  14. Carved & Bent Arch-top Guitars - custom made jazz guitars and restoration by Wout Bosma.
  15. Carvin - manufacturer of guitars, basses, amps, and pro sound equipment.
  16. Cimarrom Guitars - creates and repairs custom handcrafted electric and acoustic guitars.
  17. Courtnall, Roy - offers a range of books and plans for guitar and violin makers by the luthier, guitar maker, and lecturer in musical instrument technology.
  18. Daisy Rock - guitar for up-and-coming female rock stars, featuring a scaled down guitar neck size to accommodate smaller hands.
  19. Danelectro - manufacturer of electric guitars, basses, amps, and more.
  20. Deakon Roads Guitars - maker of electric guitars.
  21. Dearstone Mandolin Works - handcrafted custom musical instruments including mandolins and flat and archtop guitars.
  22. Driskill Guitars - handmade electric guitars, featuring highly figured maple with phenomenal finishes.
  23. Epiphone - Epiphone Musical Instruments: Guitars, Bass Guitars and Accessories
  24. ESP Guitars - basses and guitars.
  25. EVD String Instruments - classical, steel string, and archtop guitars; the "banjola", lyres, sound sculptures and more made by luthier and guitarmaker Edward V. Dick.
  26. Fender - Fender Guitars and Bass Guitars - Fender Musical Products
  27. Fernandes Guitars USA Inc. - supplier of guitars, basses, amps, and accessories.
  28. Finocchio Guitar Works - specializing in acoustic flat top, classical, and archtop instruments.
  29. Fodera Guitars Inc. - builders of custom solid body electric guitars and basses.
  30. Foster Guitars - luthier Jimmy Foster builds custom six and seven string, archtop and solid body guitars.
  31. Fret King Guitars - offers retro classic designs, designed and created by Trevor Wilkinson.
  32. Fury Guitars - 12 string guitars, basses and more.
  33. G&L Guitars - Guitars and Bass Guitars - Leo Fender would be proud of today's G&L.
  34. Gecko Guitars - specialises in the design and construction of electric guitars and basses, including tailor-made.
  35. Gibson Musical Instruments - Official Gibson site: Acoustic guitars, Epiphone or Les Paul electric guitars, bass guitar packages and banjos
  36. Girl Brand Guitars - uniquely accessorized electric guitars.
  37. GMP Guitars - electric guitars and basses including double neck models.
  38. Godin/Seagull Guitars - Godin Guitars
  39. Gretsch Guitars - specializing in vintage guitars (hollowbody acoustic and bass).
  40. Grosh Guitars - electric guitars.
  41. Guild Guitars - The Official Website of Guild™ Guitars... Designed and built to be tools
  42. Guitar Parlor - Guitar Restoration | Hand Crafted Guitars | Hand Crafted Bil Mitchell Custom Guitars and repairs on all stringed instruments...
  43. Harvey Citron Enterprises - electric guitars and basses.
  44. Heritage Guitar Inc. - designs handmade guitars.
  45. Hoffman Guitars - guitar repair (electric and acoustic) and handcrafted acoustic guitars. Musical accessories.
  46. Ibanez - official company page for guitars, basses, effects and more.
  47. Ithaca Guitar Works - makers of fine custom acoustic/electric guitars, mandolins & violins; used electric & acoustic guitars, basses and amplifiers.
  48. J. T. Hargreaves Bass Guitars - acoustic basses and guitars utilizing the Kasha/Schneider bracing design.
  49. Jackson Charvel Guitars - Official Website of Jackson Guitars and Basses
  50. Kathy Wingert Guitars - specializes in custom, hand-made acoustic and classical guitars.
  51. Klein's Sonoma Music - the source for master luthier Steve Klein's acoustic and electric guitars.
  52. Koll Guitars - luthier Saul Koll builds custom made instruments.
  53. Lace Music Products - AGI makes pickups for guitars and basses in addition to ergonomic guitars.
  54. Malinoski, Peter - handmade electric guitars.
  55. Manzer Guitars - custom stringed instruments designed and handcrafted by Linda Manzer.
  56. Marchione Guitars - handmade, recording quality archtop and electric guitars.
  57. Mark Johnson Guitar Engineering - handcrafts custom electric guitars. Also offers repair services.
  58. Martin Guitars - Established in 1833, C. F. Martin & Co. is the oldest surviving maker of guitars in the world. Currently the largest producer of acoustic guitars in the United States, the company is highly regarded for creating some of the finest instruments and introducing innovations that have become industry standards in the music products industry.
  59. Mike Lull's Custom Guitars - builder of custom guitars and basses and expert guitar repair.
  60. Modulus Guitars - graphite guitars and basses (including the Flea Bass).
  61. Parker Guitars
  62. Paul Reed Smith Guitars - manufacturer of PRS guitars.
  63. Poole Custom Guitars - a showcase of a few beautiful guitars hand made by master craftsman Sid Poole
  64. Rickenbacker - Rickenbacker Guitars and Basses.
  65. Robert Guitars - classical guitar maker Mikhail Robert specializes in concert level, custom fitted short-scale guitar.
  66. Robin Guitars - offers custom handcrafted electric guitars.
  67. Sadowsky Guitars, Ltd - guitars and basses.
  68. SB MacDonald Custom Instruments - luthier SB MacDonald builds custom guitars, basses, banjos, dulcimers and resonator guitars. Repair and restoration, too.
  69. Schecter Guitar Research - guitars and basses.
  70. Sexauer Guitars - offers handmade guitars and string basses.
  71. SoloEtte - offers a travel and practice guitar.
  72. Spruce Hill Guitars - manufacturer of stock and custom aluminum electric guitars.
  73. Suhr Guitars - former Fender Custom and Pensa-Suhr builder is now working on his own making custom guitars.
  74. Timtone Custom Guitars
  75. Tokai Guitar Company - established in 1947, is a manufacture of electric guitars, basses and acoustic in Japan
  76. TV Jones - makers of hand-made stringed instruments and hand-wound classic pickups.
  77. Vigier - site includes product info for their line of guitars and basses as well as distributor info and more.
  78. Warr Guitars - specializing in guitars for touch-style performance.
  79. William R.Cumpiano, Guitarmakers - makers of classical and steel-string guitars, and Latin American instruments.
  80. Williams Guitar Mfg Ltd - handmade custom guitars and other stringed instruments.
  81. Yamaha - guitars and electric basses.
  82. Zion Guitars - handcrafted electric guitars. on youtube on ebay

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