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Drum Manufacturers ListDrum Companies
  • Allegra Drums - Allegra Drum Crafters of Oregon. Hand built custom snare drums and drum-sets. Three time Snare Drum Olympic Winners!
  • Aquarian Drumheads - specializing in high quality drumheads, kick-pads, sticks, port-holes, and studio-rings.
  • Axis Percussion - handcrafted drum pedals and drum hardware.
  • Ayotte Custom Drums - custom drums and drum sets.
  • Black Swamp Percussion LLC - manufacturer of concert tambourines, snare drums, triangles, castanets, snare systems and other percussion accessories.
  • Boom Theory - manufactures all-maple acoustic drums and Spacemuffins, drums that trigger digital sound sources.
  • ClearSonic - manufacturers of drum shields, accessories, and other acoustic products.
  • Dauz Drum - electronic drums.
  • David Morbey Timpani Sticks - hand crafted timpani sticks.
  • Drum Supply House - USA supplier of drum parts for custom drums
  • Drum Workshop - DW Drums, The Drummers Choice Since 1972
  • Dunnett Classic Drums - specializing in titanium, stainless steel, brass, and copper snare drums.
  • Fibes Drums - The Fibes Drum Company
  • Flint Percussion - Manufacturers of Ultra-Lightweight High-Tension marching snares, and accessories
  • Gretsch Drums - Home of that Great Gretsch Sound! Gretsch Drums...
  • Grover Pro Percussion, Inc. - percussion products including tambourines, triangles, snares, drums and accessories.
  • Kick'N Brass - non-abrasive cymbal cleaner.
  • Kirchhoff - German manufacturer of drum kits made of acrylic and birch
  • LJ Percussion - manufacturing, supply and repair of African drums, accessories and parts; Ashikos, djembes, djun djuns
  • LP Music Group - Latin Percussion Instuments
  • Ludwig - World Famous Ludwig Drums
  • Marimba One - makers of wood frame and metal frame marimbas.
  • Mayer Bros. Drums - drum manufacturer in the Los Angeles area.
  • Mike Balter Mallets - manufacturer of semi-custom-made keyboard and marching percussion mallets. Online catalog and more.
  • Noble and Cooley Drum Company - manufacturers and distributors of toy and professional drums.
  • Paiste - cymbals, sounds and gongs for musicians.
  • Pearl Drums - official site for the Pearl Drums Corporation, manufacturer of percussion products.
  • Precision Drum Company - maker of custom drum kits. Founded in 1961.
  • Premier Percussion - makes drum sets, marching drums, timpani, and tuned percussion.
  • Promark - Drum Sticks
  • RB Percussion Inc. - Drum Sticks
  • Remo - drumheads, percussion instruments, and drum accessories.
  • Rhythm Tech - manufacturers of percussion instruments and drum accessories.
  • RJS Custom Percussion - manufacturer of custom drum sets and snares. Hardware and percussion instruments available.
  • Sabian Cymbals - various cymbal lines, their uses, pitches, product history and information, drummer set-ups.
  • Slingerland - Slingerland Drum Company
  • Slug Percussion Products - unique musical accessories for playing drums.
  • Sonor Drums - "The Drummers Drum" » Sonor Drums
  • Spaun Drum Company - custom drum kits and snare drums. 100% maple shells, solid brass lugs
  • Sunlite Drums - entry-level and professional drum sets.
  • Tama - drum information, news, company history, artist profiles, and more drum news.
  • Taye Drums - Better drums for less money.
  • Vic Firth - sticks, mallets, and other percussion tools and accessories.
  • Whacky Music - makers of Boomwhackers, a tuned percussion tube.
  • Yamaha Drums - Yamaha Drums
  • Zildjian Cymbals - The Only Serious Cymbal Choice
Top Rated Drums

DW Performance Series 4-Piece Shell Pack
DW Performance Series 4-Piece Shell Pack

Many Cool DW Drum Finishes To Choose.

Tama Silverstar Cocktail-Jam 4-Piece Kit with Bass Drum Pedal and EMAD Bass Drum Head
Tama Silverstar Cocktail-Jam 4-Piece Kit

The "Cocktail-JAM" Kit and its hardware can be completely packed easily in just two bags, which are included with the kit.

Ddrum D2 5-piece Drum Set
Ddrum D2 5-piece Drum Set

An all-in-one kit that's ready to play out of the box.The ddrum D2 5-Piece Drum Set offers a reasonably priced drum set.


Acoustic Drums For Sale

Used Drums For Sale

DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal

DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal - (Texarkana) Picture DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal - (Texarkana) Picture DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal - (Texarkana) Picture DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal - (Texarkana) Picture

DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal

Used DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal - Drum Workshop Bass Drum Pedal for sale...

Clear Acrylic Snare Drum

Clear Acrylic Snare Drum similar to a Ludwig Vistalite Snare Drum

This is a Clear Acrylic Snare Drum similar to a Ludwig Vistalite Snare Drum. We got this with a Ludwig Vistalite drum set. The drum is not a classic Ludwig Vistalite Snare drum. There is no badge and the drum head has the name "Dunkirk" on it.

Not sure what we have here, but the lugs look similar to lugs found on the Ludwig Standard drums from the 60s. We have had some opinions that the hardware on this clear snare drum are similar to a vintage Kent snare drum or vintage Pearl snare drums. Still it is a pretty cool clear snare drum and looks great with a Ludwig Vistalite Drum Set.

The clear drum shell is in very good shape. There are no cracks and very few scratches. The chrome is good as well. This Snare Drum is available for sale at

Contact us for a hands-on description of this vintage Clear Acrylic Snare Drum. 903-490-8459.

Ludwig Concert Timpani Drums

Ludwig Concert Timpani Drums

I am selling a pair of Ludwig Concert Timpani Drums. Sizes are 26" and 29". Both drums have working pedals, covers, working gages, and heads in good condition. Pick up only in Baltimore, MD. Cash...




Premier Drum Set - 6 Piece Pro Drum Kit Set in Gunmetal Sparkle Finish and Travel Bags

Premier Gen X Drums

Premier Gen X Drum / Percussion 6 Piece Pro Kit Set in Gunmetal Sparkle Finish and Travel Bags with Gilbrater Memory Lock HardwarePaiste CymbalsSnare DrumDW 9000 Foot Pedals*** DW 9100M Round Se...

DW Drum Kit -- Collectors Series HVLT

DW Drum Kit -- Collectors Series HVLT

DW Drums For Sale: 5 piece "NEW" with tags Drum Workshop HVLT all Cherry shells Collector's series Kit. This Drum Kit is One of a Kind meaning it is the only all Cherry Shell kit with finish being "Titanium"...

3 x conga drums

3 x conga drums
3 x conga drums

3 x conga drums with gig bags 175 Nottingham, United Kingdom. Musicians grab a bargain, new retail selling price for these drums combined over 500.00 2 x toca natural wood and 1 x java red wood with 2 gig bags. These drums are in excellent condition...

Drum Set for Sale

I am selling it for $900 (OBO).It includes... 2 toms Floor tom Bass drum(All drum heads included and still have life in them)Snare stand 2 cymbal stands Slightly cracked Wuhan cymbal Throwing in a snare drum...

5 Piece Drum Kit
5 Piece Drum Kit

Pearl 5 piece metallic blue set. Great condition priced for immediate sale all hardware cymbals and Iron Cobra pedal included. Moving out of town. Will deliver or bring drum set to the buyer. Zildjan cymbals...

Drums: DW, Ludwig, Pearl, TAMA, Premier, Sonor, Slingerland Drums that are for sale by owner used.