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Drums and Percussion Instrument Manufacturers

  • Allegra Drums - Allegra Drum Crafters of Oregon. Hand built custom snare drums and drum-sets. Three time Snare Drum Olympic Winners!
  • Aquarian Drumheads - specializing in high quality drumheads, kick-pads, sticks, port-holes, and studio-rings.
  • Axis Percussion - handcrafted drum pedals and drum hardware.
  • Ayotte Custom Drums - custom drums and drum sets.
  • Black Swamp Percussion LLC - manufacturer of concert tambourines, snare drums, triangles, castanets, snare systems and other percussion accessories.
  • Boom Theory - manufactures all-maple acoustic drums and Spacemuffins, drums that trigger digital sound sources.
  • ClearSonic - manufacturers of drum shields, accessories, and other acoustic products.
  • Dauz Drum - electronic drums.
  • David Morbey Timpani Sticks - hand crafted timpani sticks.
  • Drum Supply House - USA supplier of drum parts for custom drums
  • Drum Workshop - DW Drums, The Drummers Choice Since 1972
  • Dunnett Classic Drums - specializing in titanium, stainless steel, brass, and copper snare drums.
  • Flint Percussion - Manufacturers of Ultra-Lightweight High-Tension marching snares, and accessories
  • Gretsch Drums - Home of that Great Gretsch Sound! Gretsch Drums...
  • Grover Pro Percussion, Inc. - percussion products including tambourines, triangles, snares, drums and accessories.
  • Kick'N Brass - non-abrasive cymbal cleaner.
  • Kirchhoff - German manufacturer of drum kits made of acrylic and birch
  • LJ Percussion - manufacturing, supply and repair of African drums, accessories and parts; Ashikos, djembes, djun djuns
  • LP Music Group - Latin Percussion Instuments
  • Ludwig - World Famous Ludwig Drums
  • Marimba One - makers of wood frame and metal frame marimbas.
  • Mayer Bros. Drums - drum manufacturer in the Los Angeles area.
  • Mike Balter Mallets - manufacturer of semi-custom-made keyboard and marching percussion mallets. Online catalog and more.
  • Noble and Cooley Drum Company - manufacturers and distributors of toy and professional drums, as well as toy guitars and keyboards.
  • Paiste - cymbals, sounds and gongs for musicians.
  • Pearl Drums - official site for the Pearl Drums Corporation, manufacturer of percussion products.
  • Precision Drum Company - maker of custom drum kits. Carries parts and accessories and offers repairs and other services. Founded in 1961.
  • Premier Percussion - makes drum sets, marching drums, timpani, and tuned percussion.
  • Promark - Drum Sticks
  • RB Percussion Inc. - Drum Sticks
  • Remo - drumheads, percussion instruments, and drum accessories.
  • Rhythm Tech - manufacturers of percussion instruments and drum accessories.
  • RJS Custom Percussion - manufacturer of custom drum sets and snares. Hardware and percussion instruments available.
  • Sabian Cymbals - various cymbal lines, their uses, pitches, product history and information, press releases, dealer listings, drummer set-ups and catalogue ordering.
  • Slingerland - Slingerland Drum Company
  • Slug Percussion Products - unique musical accessories for playing drums.
  • Sonor Drums - "The Drummers Drum" » Sonor Drums
  • Spaun Drum Company - custom drum kits and snare drums. 100% maple shells, solid brass lugs
  • Sunlite Drums - entry-level and professional drum sets.
  • Tama - drum information, news, company history, artist profiles, and more drum news.
  • Taye Drums - Better drums for less money.
  • Vic Firth - sticks, mallets, and other percussion tools and accessories.
  • Whacky Music - makers of Boomwhackers, a tuned percussion tube.
  • Yamaha Drums - Yamaha Drums
  • Zildjian Cymbals - Zildjian » The Only Serious Cymbal Choice