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I just sold an item posted on your website...

Mel - Jacksonville FL

I'm in the process of moving my vintage and high end stock from my EBay Store to your site... Thanks for the prompt reply. Great site. I've already been contacted about a listing.

Ed - Nashville TN

Snow viola
I sold it here on your site.


Great website guys! How do you make money if its free. Im interested in using your site to sell my old instruments.


Thanks for the excellent service!! I was able to quickly remove my ad. Very good site that you have.
Thanks again,


We have sold our Oboe and appreciate your great site...


I wish to inform you that the adds that I posted for the bass trombone and yahama euphonium were successful and have been sold... Thank you very much for this web site as I couldn't have sold them without it!

Joanne H

It sold! Thank you very much, I love your publication!

Howard - Spring City PA

Hi Guys! Thanks for letting me post my ad on your site...You've got a great site here & I'll bookmark it for future reference.

Ed - Vancouver BC

I sold the amp last week... I appreciate you letting me use your site to sell my amp...

Wayne, Spencer OK

Your site is the best!

Sherry, Las Vegas NV

Thank you for your well-cared-for website. Regards...

Kayoko - Sante Fe, NM

I sold my cello through a contact made on your website...

Debbie, Harvard MA

My Bach Stradivarius Trumpet SOLD in 5 days ~ Thank you!!!

Matthew, Fort Worth TX

Thank you for a great service that has generated a good deal of interest.

Anton, Buffalo Grove IL

Musiciansbuyline is a great website and has certainly helped me.
Thank you,

J, Harrison OH

Have to thank you for a really great service provided. I sold the organ in recent days to a person I recently met. He just happens to be an organ player (farily rare these days), and after playing it insisted on taking it home.

Anton, Buffalo Grove IL

Thank you for your help in selling my trumpet!!

Jennifer, Wichita, KS

Thank you for your service, it is much appreciated.
Best Regards,

Dan, San Jose CA

Thank you for a great service. It is encouraging to see the level of response.

Anton, Buffalo Grove IL

My Reverie Harp has been sold.
The buyer came from your site. Thank you for your service.

Sylvia, Bridgeport CT

Thanks for updating my ad! I'm very impressed with your service.

Jay, Seattle WA

Thanks, I got quite a bit of traffic.

Mike, Denver, CO

We sold the Harpsichord... We'll use your service again! Thank you so much!

Portland, OR

Wurlitzer 3-tier Organ... We had a successful sale and couldn't have done it without your service! Thank you so much!

Maggie - Louisville, KY

Thank you so much for your services. I have told several people about your website.

Ottumwa IA

...the Lowrey LC/50 Organ. It has been sold. Thank you for the use of your website.

Kathy, McDonald Ohio

My Allen Organ sold!! Thank you so much!

Lancaster PA

...the session was sold after three days on Musicians Buy Line

Nashville TN

I sold my trumpet. THANK YOU!

Keith, Bokeelia FL

You guys are the top!

Thanks again~

Heather, Nashville TN

Please remove this ad from your website. I have sold the organ. Thanks for help in selling this item.

August, Grand Haven MI

Thanks! Found the perfect buyer.

Bill, Roseville CA

I sold the organ - Thank you so much! I have recommended your site to several people. I had lots of inquiries, and my experience was favorable with the man who bought it. I appreciate your allowing me to use the site.

Beverly, Smyrna TN

We have sold the organ that we had advertised on your site because of your site...
Thank you very much for the help.

Stephanie, San Antonio TX

I sold it. Thanks.

Jenny, Phoenix AZ

It was a long and hard road to find a buyer, but I stuck with it, weeded through the scammers, and eventually was contacted by someone in DC who drove to NJ to pick up the organ. In the end, i think everyone was happy!

Westfield NJ

Thanks very much for helping me sell my trumpet... in Australia!

Matt, Smithtown NY

Speakers have been sold. Thank you

Daniel, Pittsfield MA

I have sold the organ thanks to your website. Please remove the ad.
Thank you,

Rose, West Palm Beach FL

Thank you very much. I'll spread the news about your site.

Larry, Lakeland FL

I posted my ad on August 9 and I sold the harp on August 11.
I thank you so very much!

Michele, Toms River NJ

I just sold my trombone today. Thank you very much guys!

~Brian, Windsor CT

Please delete my ad for the Lowrey Symphonic Theater Console Organ Model H25-3.

We have sold it and it was picked up today. Thank you so much for offering this advertising service. We had been wanting to do something with the organ for several years and just hadn't found the right source. Your service is the best there is. Thank you again.

Patty, Norborne MO

Thank you VERY MUCH! The AD looks GREAT! :) Thanks again and have a GREAT DAY!

Sergio, Elmhurst NY

Great Site!

Patricia, Golden MS

Oh wow, thank you so much, I definitely appreciate it.
You guys have the best service.

Mohan, Phoenix, AZ

Hi, Is there a way to remove or edit an ad after an item has been sold?
Thanks. P.S. I've had good luck with your service. Thanks much,

Tom, New York

You guys are awesome. Thank you :)
PS. Keep in touch.

Mary, Vancouver BC

Dear MBL:

Thank you for verifying our ad.

This very morning we discovered that the cashier's check we had received from a buyer (for more than the amount needed) was fraudulent. We had exchanged over 7 emails with the so-called buyer who also wanted us to deposit the excess amount into Western Union. We suspected the scam from the beginning and were surprised when we actually received the phoney (badly crafted) check.

I am sure your other sellers appreciate your warnings of this type scam. Thanks.

Art, Desert Hot Springs, CA

I have had sales of my old gear through you guys before, and I LOVE your service.
Best regards,

Mohan, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much. Very satisfied customer.

Robert, Genoa, IL

Thanks for the use of your free site!
I was able to sell my sax today, and had three other offers at the same time.

Jeff, St. Charles, IL

Thanks for the listing. I have already sold my H277 French Horn.
Thanks again'

Beth, Pensacola, FL

Thanks for the use of your site. I was able to sell my trumpet successfully.
Please delete my ad...

Tim - Vienna, CA

Kimball Upright Piano
Yes, someone picked it up...I had a huge response to the ad! Good luck to you -

Lynne - Austin, TX

Please remove the add for the Baritone Horn. I have sold this item.

This is a great site

Ben - Sherman, TX

I don't know what we'd do with out you folks! Your ads do work!!! Lots of calls, and one bought the system.'s your free ads that makes it all possible!!!!! Thank you once again for all your help…thankyou... You guys make the impossible, possible. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Great Year!!!! Thank you. Keep up the good deeds ya do!

Judy - Port Richey, FL

I recently tried to delete my ad and it came up as an error. Would you be able to delete it for me? I actually was able to sell it because of your site. I think you have a great set up! Thanks so much.

Sunny - Gilbert, AZ

Please cancel my ad. I'm pleased to announce the clarinet sold today. Thanks again for the great service you provide, Bob. I'll be back.

Ed - Forest City, NC

Would you please delete my old cello add. I sold that cello to a nice lady in Virginia. This is a GREAT site!!

Keith - Salisbury, NC

The item was sold! Thanks MBL!!

Kelly - Deland, Florida

This trumpet sold. It took a little time to find the right buyer but she was extrememly pleased to find an instrument she had been looking for for a long time. The transactions were easy and contacting the potential buyers was a breeze. I didn't experience any of the scammers as I have on EBay. It was an overall best-bet for selling my trumpet. THANX FOR THIS AWESOME SITE!

Amy- Murfreesboro TN

I have SOLD the Martin Baritone Sax - this is a great site!!

Ben - Plano, TX

I greatly appreciate your giving the opportunity to place ads for musicians's like no other service out there!!

Gabriel - Grand Rapids, MI

This clarinet sold so please delete the ad. Thank you very much for the free advertising.

Judy - New York, NY

Thank you so much for listing this drum set, Pearl EXR (9 cymbals 7pieces & cases etc...) I did not sell it here, though I did recieve calls from this site! You may remove this ad and I am going to place another ad for some P.A. equipment here. Thank you once again very much. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!

Judy - Port Richey, FL

Thanks Very Much! I Sold My Bass...

Diana - Camp Verde, AZ

Thank you so much for posting my add. I already have received calls.. Have not sold yet, but through this I'm sure I will. Thank you once again. Keep it up!!! Great Site!

Judy - Port Richey, FL

I sold my organ through your service. You can remove the ad. Thank you.

Jack - Forest Lake, MN

My guitar has been sold so you may remove it from your listing. Thank you very much for your help. I won't hesitate to use it in the future.

Greg - Macon, Georgia

Please remove my ad from your site. The guitar sold. Thank you very much for this service. It sold in less than a week from when I posted the ad.

Helma - Wyoming

...the keyboard has been sold, 24 hrs after the ad went online at Musicians Buy Line............

New York, NY

Thanks for the info and advice. My guitar did sell through your service, so the ad can be removed now. The buyer was a US customer and I'll keep the reference to for future use. Thanks for your help.

Sam - Oregon

love the service!

Cindy - Kissimmee, FL

I've sold the clarinet and case advertised through your service. Please remove and discontinue the ad. Thank you for your help.

Meg - Kentucky

"Sold my organ thanks to you."

Posted add in Sept 04...patience and wisdom paid off. Received inquiry from legitimate buyer and we both profited thanks to your service.

Gene - New Jersey

Great…. Thanks for all and I recommended you to a few people… I have had a lot of hits….

Kurt - Florida

I sold my guitar to a guy in New Orleans in less than 3 weeks after listing on your service. I appreciate you guys.

Brian - North Carolina

The ad worked very well...My Cello sold through your service...Thank you very much.

Erica - Malvern, PA

Hello and thanks for helping me sell my Item! I'm hoping you can remove it now, as I am still receiving responses.

Dan - Brewster, MA

Thank You very much for your help. The response was impressive.

Steve - Montrose CA

I'm letting you know that I just sold both my Roland RD-700 Digital Stage Piano and Roland KC-300 Amplifier, which I had listed in your website. It's funny because after receiving countless emails from what seemed like all over the world (mostly of the scam ilk), the would-be buyer turned out to be local to my area. So I was able to personally deliver the equipment and charge less for the delivery (a savings to the buyer and a bit more cash for me).

As a result, please remove my ads from your listing, or, if you wish, indicate that the equipment has been sold. Let me just say that the one unpleasant part of this whole deal is the numerous (over a hundred) unsolicited scam mails I received over the last 2 and a half months. However, thanks to your upfront warning, I was prepared to deal with these shady folks.

In the end, let me thank you for the service that your company provides. I was able to sell my equipment with little trouble on my part.

Thanks again and regards.

Norris - California

Hello, I am writing to inform you that all my classifieds items have been SOLD. Please remove my ads and thanks for the good service!

steve - scotch plains, nj

Dear Musicians Buyline,

Please remove my ad for the Guild D25 listed under Acoustic Guitars. The guitar sold 2 weeks after being listed. Thanks.

Ian - Martinsburg, WV

HI, i sold the organ, could you please cancel this ad
Thank you. The ad worked wonders.

Tim - Orleans, VT

I sold my violin within 5 days after putting it on your site. Thanks.

Christina - Kerrville, TX

I sold both bass guitars on your site.
thank you.

Alex - Sudbury, MA

Thanks for your great service. I just sold my tenor sax today and need to know how to cancel the ad. Thanks again.

Sandy - Elkton, Maryland

Good afternoon. I placed a classified ad to sell a Gemeinhardt flute on April 24. I sold it shortly after that, thanks to the ad. I need to get the classified ad removed now. Thanks,

Skip - Austin, TX

Hi Mus. Buy Line:
You "guys" are GOOOOOD!! I can hardly believe how effective your BUYLINE is.

On 7/30 you posted my ad: Lowrey Prominade C-300 w/ magic genie.
I received three positive responses almost immediately. Today, on Aug. 7th we concluded the sale at acceptable terms to both parties.

You may discontinue our listing. You have made "A Friend For Life".

Thanks again.

Bob - Medford, OR

Hello I listed a rock guiitar on April 29th and on May 2nd it was sold. Thanks for your services.

Janette - Quebec

I sold the drum set I had listed on your site through your site. Thanks for your great service.

Keith Milke - Southlake, TX

Hi. I have placed an ad for a guitar and am getting a good response. Thank you!

Philip - Red Hook, NY

Hey I have an ad with you for a 6-piece remo rock drum kit. The final sale went through in mid-march. Thanks so much for all your help- if ever I need to sell more musical equipment in the future I'll be sure and post on

Joey - Austin, TX

Good Morning, Please remove my ad from your magnificent website. I am happy to let you know that the Yamaha is spoken for and paid for!!! I would recommend your website to serious sellers before their local newspapers. I got inundated with inquiries from all over the country! I got a weird response from Africa too...
Thanks much.

Wishing you the best. Thank you for handling the ad removal.

Mickey - Dallas, TX

Thank you for your excellent service. I got several calls the day my ad went online and 3 days later my baby grand piano was sold and out of my home. And it sold locally. I would use your service anytime and I recommend Musicians Buy Line to all of my friends. Thanks again.

Barbara - Brooklyn, NY

Hi -
I just wanted to tell you that you can pull the ad for the oboe off your site. It's been sold! Thank you - your site worked just great! Much better than hassling with e-bay too.

A Happy Customer :-) (Customer Anonymity Requested)

I like your website and the services it offers. The price is fabulous. The fact that the ad stays till the item gets sold is great too. Thanks!


I placed an ad a while ago and have sold the items.
Thanks for the EXCELLENT service,




I'd like to discontinue the ad. Thanks for running it. It worked very well.


Hi. I've got an ad on your service (its a great web site). My name is Rick and I have the ampeg 8X10 amp cabinet and svt head I've sold the head. Thank you for updating the ad.


I had a great deal of interest from the US, Great Britain, Japan, and Canada. Probably three or four hundred responses for the various items advertised. Thanks for the ad. All the stuff I wanted to sell is sold. Thanks again.

Tom W.

"I sold my pro audio equipment in 3 days!  I got calls from all over the world - even Granada. I recommend Musicians Buy Line to all my friends. It's cheaper than a newspaper classified and more effective. A great site!"


Musicians Buy Line is the top source of music related information on the web, today. Take it from me, a fellow musician and drummer. When I need to research what's out there, my first and last stop is "Musician's Buy Line." When I need additional info., their courteous and knowledgable staff make it their priority to get you the answer. Other sites don't get back to you unless you hint that you're buying right now. Musician's Buy Line, care about the people viewing and listing on their site. I have done both with results that exceeded my expectations.

Simply put, Musician's Buy Line is a musician's dream for honest and reputable dealings. I couldn't do without it. I can't tell you how much time and money that Musician's Buy Line has saved me, not to mention the headaches of dealing with unorganized, outdated sites that don't take a personal interest like MBL does!

Manny Garcia
Drummer, many top "Long Island Bands"

Hi, thank you for helping me sell my drum set. I just wanted to ask if you would remove my ad. I keep getting inquiries about it.


Thanks much to Musicians Buy Line, the classified ad folks, what a great way to communicate with others. This world is a little bit better because of you guys. Keeping prices low and gettin right to the source

God Bless....Bobbie Katz.......

...most everything sold about two months ago and I'm still getting plenty of e-mail about it.


Your site is great site for musicians and for independent music generally - keep it going!!

Best Wishes

Michael - For the best new music from Ireland:

You have a great site that offers a terrific service!
Thank You!

Chuck B

The amp. I listed with you has been sold. . .

Thanks, Brad.

Just a quick note to say thanks for Musicians Buy Line, it's a great site!

"T. Buburuz"

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