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Kolstein Fendt Model, 2001 5 string/4 string.

Publish Date: 08-15-2016 21:37:03| Contact name: Jonathan | Place: 01930 | 1233 times displayed|

I am selling a 2001 Kolstein Fendt Model Bass. The bass was built as a 5 string but is currently set up as a 4 string. Included are two sets of hardware allowing the bass to be strung either way. The bridge has two sets of string slots and the nut is not glued, just held in by the string tension. You can go from one configuration to the other in about an hour. This bass was "Made Expressly for Exhibition, 2001 International Society of Bassists Convention, Butler University." I bought it directly from Kolstein in 2002. It has been well used and well maintained. The top is spruce. The back and the sides are willow. The back is flat. It has a D neck.
The bouts from top to bottom are 20.25, 15, and 27. The string length is 41 5/8. It has a Goetz endpin instead of a Kolstein endpin. The rod is included but not pictured. Three tailpieces are included, the original ebony Kolstein 5-string tailpiece, a 5-string Marvin Cable Tailpiece, and a 4-string Marvin Cable Tailpiece. It also comes with a gray Kolstein bag. Ralph Alcala reamed a hole for a Laborie endpin; its at 44 degrees and goes straight back. It has ebony bumpers on the ribs. This fingerboard was recently dressed. The very tip of one of the violin corners has been chipped (pictured). There is some scuffing on the back near the bottom (pictured). A few years ago I fell while carrying the bass. A seam popped open a rib creased but didn't break (also pictured). This bass is in excellent condition.

A link to a Flickr account with pics is attached. This bass got me through grad school. I've won regional auditions on it. It beat a player on a Prescott for a chair in the Quad Cities Symphony years ago. I've played it all over the country. I am selling because I'll be commissioning a travel bass later this year. check links for more pictures. Thanks!

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