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Allen ADC-8000 Three Manual Digital Drawstop Organ - $14950

Publish Date: 2011-12-29 17:48:49 | Contact: Warren Apple | Place: Sarasota, FL 34240, USA | 3115 times displayed |

This sale is for an Allen ADC-8000 digital organ from the mid-1980\'s. The asking price is $14950 OBO. It was the flagship three manual from the time with four 32\' stops, multiple celestes, and a festival trumpet. This is the equivalent of a 78-stop, 98-rank pipe organ. Included are the organ console, pedal board, 13 external speakers and bench. It has been recently updated by the addition of digital reverb. This is an excellent organ for a large home practice instrument or for church use-- definitely NOT a fix-me-up or handyman’s special, because everything works well and it sounds splendid. This has recently been inspected by a MITA affiliated technician and all of the notes, pedals, pistons and stop controls are fully functional. The cabinet is in good condition. The audio system is 13 channels For a large room a 26 speaker system is available for an additional $3500. The organ could be reconfigured for home use with as few as 4 channels and speakers (deduct $1250 from the purchase price for this option). Also note that organ can be upgraded with digital reverb for an additional $1250 or MIDI for an additional $1000. Although currently functioning prior to release for shipping, the manufacturer\'s warranty has expired and the organ is being sold as-is and without further warranty. Additional photos are available upon request.

STOPLIST: GREAT- 16 Gemshorn, 8 Principal, 8 Montre, 8 Gamba, 8 Hohlflute, 8 Flute Dolce II, 4 Octave, 4 Prestant, 4 Spitzflute, 2 2/3 Quinte 2 Superoctave, 2 Doublette, 2 Waldflute, Mixture IV, Scharff III, 8 Trompete, 8 Voix Humaine, 4 Klarine, Chiff, Tremulant. SWELL- 16 Bourdon, 8 Gemshorn, 8 Gemshorn Celeste, 8 Flute Bouchee, 8 Salicional, 8 Voix Celeste, 4 Principal Conique, 4 Flute a Fuseau, 2 2/3 Nasard, 2 Octave, 2 Flute a Bec, 1 3/5 Tierce, 1 Sifflet, Fourniture IV, 16 Basson ,8 Festival Trumpet, 8 Trompette, 8 Hautbois, 4 Clairon, Chimes, Alterable 1, Alterable 2, Alterable Forte, Alterable Percussion, Celeste Tuning, Chiff, Tremulant. CHOIR/POSITIVE- 16 Quintaten, 8 Erzahler, 8 Holzgedeckt, 8 Viole, 8 Viole Celeste, 4 Principal, 4 Traveseflote, 2 2/3 Nasat, 2 Octave, 2 Blockflote, 1 3/5 Terz,1 1/3 Quintflote ,1 Flageolet, Mixture IV, 16 Fagott, 8 Klein Trompette, 8 Krummhorn, 4 Schalmei ,Celeste Tuning, Chiff, Tremulant. PEDAL- 32 Contre Basse, 32 Contra Violone 32 Untersatz, 16 Diapason, 16 Violone ,16 Bourdon, 16 Lieblich Gedeckt, 8 Octave, 8 Spitzgeigen, 8 Gedecktflote, 5 1/3 Quint, 4 Choral Bass, 4 Flite Ouverte, 2 Hohlpfeife, Mixture IV, Scharff III, 32 Contra Bombarde, 16 Bombarde, 16 Rohrkrummhorn, 8 Trompette. 8 Fagott, 4 Schalmei, 4 Regal. COUPLERS Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Choir to Pedal ,Swell to Great, Choir to Great, Swell to Choir, Alterable (card reader) to Swell, Alterable to Great, Aterable to Choir, Alterable to Pedal. EXPRESSION PEDALS- Swell Pedal, Choir Pedal ,Great-Pedal pedal ,Crescendo Pedal. 12 step transposer. Double memory combination action with 10 x 2 generals and 5 x 2 divisionals (each). Tutti I and II.

Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser. But if desired, I can obtain shipping quotes upon request. I will need a zip code in order to process this request.

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