Vintage Noblet Clarinet offer Clarinet

    Vintage Noblet Clarinet


    Vintage Leblanc, D. Noblet Clarinet, made in Paris. Excellent craftsmanship! This fine instrument is made of Grenadillawood and has no cracks or checks. Manypre-owned clarinets need expensive repai...

    2011 Buffet R 13 clarinet in excelent condition offer Clarinet

    2011 Buffet R 13 clarinet in excelent condition


    Bought this back in college but changed my major after 3 months. Since its still in excellent condition and I only used it 3 months my price is pretty firm. If you have any questions please message me...

    New (2014-2015) Used Howren clarinet offer Clarinet

    New (2014-2015) Used Howren clarinet


    I bought my daughter a clarinet...she doesnt like band so im allowing her to drop out if her instrument can be sold.I bought it last year and is in good condition.I will email pictures if interested E...

    Yamaha Wood Clarinet  offer Clarinet

    Yamaha Wood Clarinet


    Real wood clarinet, plays great, fully cleaned....