hungarian Cello offer cello

hungarian Cello


This is a \"new\" 7 years old , antiqued look, Antonio Stradivari\'s Davidov style (1717), full size (4/4) Master cello.Made by a Hungarian Master instrument maker name is Istvan Zsibok (www.zsibokhan...

A fine French cello bow offer cello

A fine French cello bow


A fine french cello bow in Georges Barjonnet style made for Gerome Devoivre. JF Raffin certificate. Silver mounted round strong pernambuco stick ca. 79g....

A fine english cello ca. 1910 offer cello

A fine english cello ca. 1910


A fine English cello by Louis F. Milton, Bedford, ca. 1910. Powerful sound will fit orchestra player of high level. LOB 75.2cm.Evaluation certificate from the expert at Swedish Chamber of Commerce for...

4/4 Verona Cello offer cello

4/4 Verona Cello


I purchased a cello for my daughter who no longer wants to play it. I paid 1225.00 for it an would like to sell it for 800.00 or best offer....

1912 Louis Lowendall Cello offer cello

1912 Louis Lowendall Cello


Cello bears the label, \"Louis Lowendall, Fecit Berlin, Anno 1912.\" Loved and played for a lifetime in Knoxville and Huntsville Symphony Orchestras. Repaired bass bar crack and sound post crack. A ...