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AmpLegs NO DRILL Tilt-back Legs (Like having an ultralight built-in amp stand)

Publish Date: 07-10-2016 22:12:38| Contact name: Mike Sucato | 939 times displayed|

AmpLegs - NO DRILL Custom Fit Tilt-Back Legs. It\'s like a built-in ultralight adjustable amp stand.

The AmpLegs patented design allows you perfect multi-angle-tilt-back of your combo amp or speaker cabinet in seconds not minutes, so you no longer need to haul a bulky amp stand around! Simply push down release lever to unlock and extend the spring actuated legs, then tip it on back. THAT\'S IT!!!

  • No drilling or screws necessary
  • Custom made to fit your combo amp or speaker cabinet
  • Easy one-time install typically takes less than 10 minutes
  • Lightweight at 8 oz for entire kit (Both stainless steel legs)
  • Extremely stable multi-angle-tilt platform
  • Legs retract into locking position for transport
  • Rubberized feet prevent slipping
  • Fits closed-back and open-back combo amps*
  • Reduces setup and teardown time compared to amp stands
  • Reduces stage footprint when compared to amp stands
  • One set of AmpLegs can be used on multiple combos or cabs (not fixed to one amp like other tilt legs)

For those of you who wish to avoid drilling holes in your favorite combo amps and want to shed the bulky prehistoric amp stands, please read the AmpLegs story below...

The AmpLegs system was designed to allow stable integrated tilt-back support at various angles for open-back and closed-back guitar combo amplifiers and speaker cabinets. The AmpLegs kit consists of 2 preassembled spring actuated legs that are custom made to fit your combo amp or cab and two heavey duty dual-lock fasteners. The custom fit legs attach to rear of amplifier or speaker cabinet via the supplied dual-locking fasteners, which are 3x stronger than your typical hook and loop style Velcro and provide a stable, secure connection to your amp. The AmpLegs also employ a spring tension actuator tab that when pushed down, extend the leg for tilt-back support and when pulled to up position, allow leg to retract back into a flush locked position for transport.

One of the unique features of the AmpLegs tilt-back system is the easy installation method itself, which does not require screws or drilling holes to attach the legs. Instead, high strength dual lock fasteners are supplied to provide a stable effective connection between the rear cabinet and AmpLegs. This dramatically increases ease of the one-time installation. The AmpLegs system one-time installation typically takes less then 10 minutes compared to install times of other integrated tilt-back legs, which typically take hours and requires invasive drilling.

Other non-integrated solutions require you to haul a separate bulky amp stand to achieve the same goal, but fall short as tone can be diminished when an amplifier is lifted off the ground (see Bass Coupling Effect). The AmpLegs system is fully integrated once attached, so separate bulky amp stands go the way of the dinosaur!

A Word on Utility...
Tilting back amplifiers or speaker cabinets using AmpLegs provides important advantages to the player. First and foremost is the optimization of the speaker\'s projection path in reference to the player\'s ear. This allows the player to properly hear actual volume and tone from the amplifier and make educated adjustments essential in delivering live performances. Secondly, player can avoid \"beaming\" audience listeners who might be in proximity of the speaker\'s hot spot and drown out other instrument audio sources as a consequence.

Simply put, we have the best legs in the business!!!

*Standard AmpLegs kit will fit all closed and open-back combo amps and cabinets. Open-back combo amps that do not have vertical rear support surface wide enough to mount AmpLegs will require the AmpLegs Rear Support Add-On Accessory for additional $6.75. If you have any questions regarding fit, please contact this seller and specify make and model of your open-back combo. We will promptly reply to your questions.

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