Acrylic Snare Drum (Ludwig Vistalite Style)

Acrylic Snare Drum (Ludwig Vistalite Style)

Acrylic Snare Drum (Ludwig Vistalite Style) on youtube on ebay

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Acrylic Snare Drum (Ludwig Vistalite Style)

This is a Clear Acrylic Snare Drum similar to a Ludwig Vistalite Snare Drum. We got this with a Ludwig Vistalite drum set. The drum is not a classic Ludwig Vistalite Snare drum. There is no badge and the drum head has the name "Dunkirk" on it.

Not sure what we have here, but the lugs look similar to lugs found on the Ludwig Standard drums from the 60s. We have had some opinions that the hardware on this clear snare drum are similar to a vintage Kent snare drum or vintage Pearl snare drums. Still it is a pretty cool clear snare drum and looks great with a Ludwig Vistalite Drum Set.

The clear drum shell is in very good shape. There are no cracks and very few scratches. The chrome is good as well. This Snare Drum is available for sale at

Contact us for a hands-on description of this vintage Clear Acrylic Snare Drum. 903-490-8459 or Contact Seller on youtube on ebay

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