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The Best Place To Buy or Sell Musical Instruments. Shop a list of used musical instruments from various owners. We buy and sell quality vintage used musical instruments.

Musicians Buy Line is the place you look for musical instruments that are not new. We are one of the oldest, most respected and most popular second hand music websites and have been online since 1997.

Buying a used musical instrument makes good sense. There are many reasons to purchase a good used instrument. Think about it, I'm sure you can come up with many reasons of your own.

Classic Vintage Ludwig Drums and Drum Sets For SaleClassic Vintage Ludwig Drums and Drum Sets For Sale on » CHECK IT OUT! You'll be glad you did. You can buy vintage drums from world famous manufacturers like Gretsch, Leedy, Ludwig, Slingerland, Sonor, and Rogers.

Fender Musical Instruments Fender Guitars are in real demand by pro players wanting one of the finest guitars on the market today. Fender Guitars like the great Fender Stratocaster have been used by rock, country and blues players for years. The Fender Telecaster has been around since the early 50's and is still one of the most played guitars today.

The '65 Fender Mustang was first introduced by Fender as a student guitar, and today is preferred and played by many pro guitarists worldwide. The classic '62 Fender Jaguar guitar became an enduring favorite that has successfully spanned many decades. This Fender design classic paired brighter pickups with a shorter (24") scale length. The trio of sliding pickup selector switches, rotary volume wheels on the upper bout, and chrome hardware and tremolo lock are all signature Jaguar traits and this Fender Guitar is just plain cool, along with the 1962 reissue Fender Jazzmaster.

These Fender Guitars are beautiful, easy to play and sought after by guitarists and guitar collectors worldwide. CBS bought Fender in 1965, and by 1970 "pre-CBS" had become a catch-phrase for a quality Fender guitar. Shop for used and vintage electric guitars, including many Fender instruments.

Musicians Buy Line is a national leader in online musical instrument and used music gear sales. Our goal is to provide the best online venue for showcasing vintage and used musical instruments that are for sale. We are more than a list! Help save the planet - Buy Used Instruments!

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Used Musical Instruments For Sale By Owner

Musicians Buy Line is Proud to List Pre-Owned Musical Instruments For Sale. Classifieds for you to Buy, sale or trade used musical instruments online. Musicians Buy Line is the oldest, most respected and one of the most popular Musical Instruments Classifieds Service Online.

We have been in the Musical Instrument Business since 1985 and the online Musical Instrument Classifieds buying and selling musical instuments & used musical equipment since 1997. Used Musical Instrument Classifieds - Used and Vintage Musical Instruments To Buy and For Sale Online.

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